preinit, (the Presentation Initiator), is a customizable showcase for your business on the web and on CD-Rom. Combining flash animation, video, dynamic text content, and a dynamic questionnaire, preinit puts you in charge of how your presentation is received by your prospects and clients.

The preinit package includes a 30-second opening animation or video, an entry form, a 1 to 3 minute featured presentation, 1 or more tabs of additional information, which can include text, images and downloads the preinit questionnaire system and a contact page.

Each part of the preinit package is dynamic and customizable to your company, product or professional services, marketing needs. As an owner of the preinit package, you can purchase more than one opening animation so that your prospects get a fresh perspective on you, each time they come to your presentation. Purchase multiple featured presentations to take advantage of sending fresh content to your prospects and clients. New marketing campaigns need new content and preinit is capable of handling new content.

The preinit opening animation presents your company logo, your company name and the title of your presentation in a combination of music and movement, a high impact opening sequence that is sure to entice your prospect or client to stay on your page to view your presentation.

The entry page of the preinit package is where you have a high degree of control on how your prospective viewer will interact with you. On the entrance page, the following is available: your company logo, name, address, phone (multiple numbers), web address and email address. Add your social networking links to the contact information, too. With the preinit package, the ability to decide on the color and sizing of your fonts is available to you. The welcome paragraph can be changed with each viewing and the entry form is in your control, as an owner of the preinit package. You can decide to use all 5 entry fields (first name, last name, company, email, or phone), in any combination and number. It’s up to you, as the owner of a preinit package, how much input information you want from you prospect. If you send it to your clients, you may not need all of this information but you may want to give them the ability to update their phone or email address and you want to be notified when they have entered your presentation.

To describe your company, product or professional services the preinit presentation includes a subtle pleasurable music loop, a voice over if you choose (male or female), lively movement of images that pertain to you, and custom script that will impart your story to the viewer. How long the presentation is will be up to you. If you need more than 3 minutes to get your message heard there are upgrade options available. Of course, the viewer of the presentation will be able to start, pause, rewind your presentation, and adjust the volume to their needs. Moreover, don’t worry if your viewer decides to view the content of your tab before your presentation is finished, the program stops the presentation and holds it ready for when the viewer wants to go back to your presentation. For those of you who use PowerPoint to get your message out to your prospects and clients - we can take your PowerPoint presentation and move it into the preinit package.

The information tabs of the preinit package are a great place to give your prospects or clients more insight into your product, business, or professional service. With preinit you can update and change the content of your tabs as your marketing campaign changes. You can include in the information tabs text, photos and downloads. You decide on the look and feel - change the font, change the size of your text, colors, placement of photos, making sure that your content is visually appealing and informative. As your message changes - you can change the text, upload new photos, add new downloads.

One of the most powerful sales features of the preinit package is the preinit questionnaire. When your presentation concludes your viewer is presented with a questionnaire including up to 10 questions. You decide what you need to know from your prospect or client and write questions targeted towards getting those answers. If you aren’t getting the answers you want - well then, change the questions to get the right answers - it's easy.

preinit is a dynamic marketing tool that enables you to target marketing toward specific prospects with a marketing email system that you manage. Upload your email list or add as you go along. Your marketing email addresses and information are held in encrypted databases for your protection. Send out one email a day or more. Each of your prospects will be Tagged with a promo code and presented a link specific to them that contains all the contact information you have about them encoded so that they need only complete information you don't have. Fast and simple.

No more static content on your CD-Rom presentation - the preinit package allows you to update all the information on your CD-Rom presentation just as you do with the web preinit presence.

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